Styles & Wannados

Black Tea Tattoo & Design Atelier by Sandra Heinzen, tattoo Artist and designer based in Munich, Germany.


Currently I am only tattooing in black (& grey). My preferred styles are blackwork and dotwork.

I can always create a custom design for you and I have many books for inspiration on various topics. The possibilities are endless.

Design themes for your inspiration:

- Mythical and historical art
- Hand- & Brushlettering
- Glitch Lettering
- Geometrical & Dotwork Pattern
- Botanical Plants & Flowers engravings
- Animals & Engravings
- People & Engravings (no realism)
- Ornaments


Please check my Instagram Account for the latest Wannados and Flash Designs.

If you are interested in a design, please include the Wannado number in your email. Thank you!